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Financial Planning Needs in Atlanta


What are your financial goals and aspirations for you and your family? Are your assets and income structured to achieve your goals? Creating a financial and estate plan to meet your goals involves considering questions like these and many more.

Whether you are concerned about outliving your assets, long-term care, higher taxes or transferring wealth to loved ones and charities, our comprehensive planning approach will position you for both the expected and the unexpected. Helping people create, enjoy and preserve wealth is our mission. Together we can create a comprehensive plan that meets your needs.


Do you have a solid estate plan? Are you prepared for both the expected and the unexpected? We help retirees and those nearing retirement do the proper planning to ensure their legacy is preserved as they wish. We give practical insights and use easy-to-understand terms to explain the estate planning process to you. Our preferred network of estate planning attorneys can create an estate plan for you that ensures your wishes are carried out according to your plan. You owe it to yourself and your family to plan early so that you are in complete control.



Are you prepared for retirement? Will you have adequate income to support your retirement lifestyle? Are you aware of how IRA and pension distribution requirements will affect you? Understanding the answers to these questions will allow you to focus your attention on building a sound financial strategy for a comfortable retirement. By planning early, you are in control and can avoid the unpleasant surprises of not planning properly. We can help! Remember, retirement is just one phase of your financial life, and like the rest of your finances, it requires careful attention and planning. We can work with you to understand your ideal retirement life and create a plan to achieve this lifestyle.


Is your estate plan structured to avoid the disadvantages of probate? Are you positioned to ensure that children and grandchildren are provided for? Probate planning and the use of trusts can avoid costly delays and expenses for your heirs and can provide income for generations to come.

Probate may be costly and often avoidable with proper planning. The use of trusts and proper beneficiary designations can ensure that your legacy is preserved for generations. We can help you to ensure your estate plan is executed according to your wishes, and it is usually never too late to implement strategies to avoid probate.

Trusts were once used only by the very wealthy. Today trusts are commonplace. Utilizing trusts can not only minimize your tax liability but also create an orderly distribution of assets upon death.



Are you prepared for the possibility of needing long-term care at some point? Have you considered the effect long-term care costs will have on your assets and estate? Many people are surprised to find that Medicare only covers part of the costs of long-term care, and with costs of up to $6,000 per month or more, even a stay of a few months can have a devastating impact on their financial situation. This problem is compounded if a healthy spouse needs the use of these assets (especially the home). Unfortunately, the spenddown of family assets and the potential use of Medicaid becomes the end result. The problem is that it requires that you have virtually no assets to qualify. This is the sad reality for many people. There are, however, solutions that may enable you to protect your savings and assets from the costly expense of long-term care. Planning early is critical!


Gifting is an often overlooked way to reduce taxes while you are living and for your heirs. Gifting falls into two categories: Gifting for current use maximizes the amount you can give away tax-free during your lifetime. Under current rules each individual can gift up to $14,000 a year tax-free to one or more persons. In addition to these amounts, trusts can be used to provide a loved one with an immediate, steady stream of income. The main disadvantage is that you give up control over how the money is spent. Gifting for future use generally involves putting assets into a trust where the assets remain until a future period of time. You can control the distribution of assets this way. This may be very useful if your goal is to keep your estate within the family bloodline.


The structure of our company

allows our advisors to develop comprehensive, personal financial plans that are built around each client’s needs, rather than being limited to the products any single company has to offer.


Our financial professionals have access to many different investment and insurance products with many different companies, each supplying various financial products. This allows our team the flexibility to recommend customized financial products instead of a canned “plan.” We understand every client is different, so why would their portfolios be identical?

Many financial products can provide a path to a confident retirement, each with its own benefits and risks. One of our experienced financial professionals can help you decide which ones work best for you, your needs and your family’s financial future.

We specialize in helping clients prepare for what lies ahead, which for most people, begins with retirement. There are, however, an endless amount of financial situations people may find themselves in. Our experienced financial consultants know that everyone is different. We sit down with each client to understand their unique backgrounds and aspirations for the future.


We understand every client is different, so why would their portfolios be identical?



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