We have refined the way we deliver service to our clients over time by always understanding that each client is unique in their family and personal needs. When The Lloyd Group Inc. was founded, we made a commitment that we would never charge a fee for advice or for helping our clients implement a program. We were founded on that commitment and continue
to offer it today.

Free Initial Meeting: This "get to know each other" meeting allows the client to express what they are most concerned about. This sets the stage and defines what their objectives
may be.

Free Second Meeting: We deliver a plan for review. This plan will map out what the client's objectives are and what observations were made during the first meeting. We discuss what recommendations we may have and options available to satisfy the client's needs. We prioritize what is most important to get accomplished first to last. Our staff will assist to make sure all that needs to be done is implemented with care.

Free Third or Additional Meetings: We use these meetings to work with clients to implement their personal estate and financial plan at the pace they are most comfortable.

Review and Monitor: On an as needed basis, with a minimum of an annual review, we can discuss what changes are necessary to stay on track. Changes are often prompted
by changes in the law, family situations, health concerns or everchanging economic conditions.

We never under-estimate the importance of planning. We plan for the worst and hope for the best. Either way, our clients are protected.


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"International Investing" - March 24th 11:30am and 6:00pm

Social Security Workshop - May 12th and 14th at 11am and 6:30pm

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